The world is turning to code. Your car, your house, and your business are all running on
code. Can that code be hacked?

Yes: 48% of code is never scanned. With 111 billion lines of code written every year there is a massive gap in security because the remaining code is scanned infrequently and has significant issues.

We see the results every day in the news. In 2019, the companies hacked include social networking WhatsApp to investment group BlackRock. A hacker just added malicious code to steal bitcoin, effecting 2,000,000 users, using a popular open source library.


As the landscape of threats increases, CISOs, security committees, executives and boards of directors are demanding meaningful information for decision-making. 

Loss of Trust and Reputation: Data breaches and security holes can expose customers, clients and employees. 

Loss of Revenue: Some vulnerabilities can lead to direct financial impact like Point of Service (POS) or WebApp attacks. 

Legal: A growing trend to legal action on behalf of customers and clients from data breaches 


Nucleaus is Simple, Approachable, Affordable and Actionable. We are making code scanning as easy and approachable as Spell Check. We are providing a solution not a technology. 
The Nucleaus dashboard provides up to date information on all code repositories and can alert immediately when a critical vulnerability occurs. 

Continual Updates – We continuously update and scan repositories after they are added. Yesterday’s scan is already outdated due to new vulnerabilities. Nucleaus provides automated continuous vulnerability updates and up-to-the-minute results. 

Code Issue and Project Dependencies – Easy to identify, prioritize and fix issues whether from code or project dependencies.


Simple, Approachable, Affordable and Actionable: 30 min to get setup and running. 

Continuous updates: Continuously update and scan repositories after they are added. 

Automated: The platform operates autonomously, scanning repos and delivering results. There are only two things you can do: add additional repos and run ad hoc scans. 

Scale: Scan 1 repo or 1,000’s automatically everyday with no human intervention. 

Portable: Access Nucleaus’ dashboard from anywhere, including your phone. 


Conservatively, Nucleaus supports 9 of the most popular languages on Github and 72 frameworks such as:
JavaScript, NodeJS, Flex, PHP, Go (GoLang), Python, Java, Ruby, Type
Script, and continuing to add languages on a regular cadence.