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The Key to Your Healthcare World.

Your medical information is in multiple locations, data silos, and you have a different medical record number (MRN ID) at every location; hospital, clinic, doctor’s office, Fit-bit, iWatch, 23andme. Right now, there is no way to connect all of your medical information. What is needed is a single “global ID” that is secure for each person, then you link the other IDs to this one global ID. That is the Nimbus-Key system which will allow for secure issuance of a global ID or Nimbus-Key that links to other healthcare IDs. You will be able to access and aggregate disparate medical data and give permission to your doctor to view it by simply having the doctor scan your Nimbus-Key with their app.

In fact, our app will do much more than securing your ID and information, we will be rolling out features such as telehealth, wellness, secure messaging, care teams, my info, my medical info, my in-network hospitals and clinics, digital health, and blockchain.

Why blockchain? The blockchain is great for proving ownership and securing transaction histories through the distributed ledger technology and essentially un-hackable. Tell me more about blockchain.

Healthcare Information

Securely Manage Your Identities
Secure Identity

Nimbus-Key System

Our patented Nimbus-Key System features a Dynamically Encrypted Multi-Factor Authentication™ (DE-MFA™) protocol that leaves “static” authentication systems (pass word, thumb print or face scan) in the dust!

One secure encrypted QR code and PIN code every time you login. That global ID is for doctors and patients and will link your medical information all onto the app so you can view and control your information.

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FAST Hospital or Clinic Registration!

Secure ID CardSecure Digital ID Card
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Nimbus-Key and Blockchain

Distributed Ledger Technology
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Nimbus-Key Technology and the Blockchain:

What value does “distributed ledger” technology (DLT) bring to healthcare? A blockchain that is managed by “Nodes” (partners in a private blockchain) allows for trusted interchanges of information and enhanced security. The blockchain is useful to provide proof of ownership (eg. land titles) and documentation of every transaction on encrypted “blocks” of information. Furthermore, “smart contracts” are programs that run on top of the blockchain that allow for programmatic protocols, decision trees, limits, validation etc.

Every Nimbus-Key that is issued to each person will be placed onto the blockchain where the user will have proof of ownership of their identity.

Other things that can be accomplished are:
1) Limiting the number of opioids that can be prescribed or consumed. 2) securing documents with encryption and immutability 3) creating a single source of truth for medication lists 4) cryptocurrency payment networks with stable coin architectures 5) improved supply chain security 6) vendor credentialing and security.

Telehealth Solutions.

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Telehealth Solutions

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VSee Messenger Pro is the preferred telehealth solution by thousands of provider, clinics and hospitals. It is the easiest way to start using an enhanced healthcare delivery system for your practice. Start with VSee Messenger for FREE! Upgrade to VSee Messenger Pro for only $49 per month/provider (patients are free).

VSee Clinic provides a simple online experience for patients to check-in for a visit, self-schedule appointments, pay online, submit medical history and labs, track past visits, and auto-upload health device data.

Telehealth is an important technology that allows for enhanced access for patients who are either unable to walk, live too far away, or need a quick consult with a doctor. Read more ….

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Blockchain Solutions

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