Secure Identity Management

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One Nimbus-Key to connect all of your healthcare identities and information securely.

Nimbus-Key System is a cloud based technology (patent pending) which addresses the problem of interoperability with numerous data silos and IDs for healthcare. We issue a global ID, One ID, an encrypted Nimbus-Key that is delivered as a QRcode or digital id for mobile phones and identity cards. This one id then manages and secures all of your other healthcare ids, we can now link your identities and information securely creating a connected medical record.

The blockchain development is with our sister Swiss company, Nimbus-T Global GmbH, which is developing our blockchain, distributed ledger technology to create powerful use cases the use our identity managment solution. This is well over a $50 billion market. The USA alone has a huge fraud problem with prescriptions and fake insurance claims. Medicare-Medicaid loses $120 Billion annually according to Eric Holder, past attorney general. We want to secure your identity and make sure transactions are also authenticated and secured.

If you can see the id number on a card then it is not secure.  $120 Billion in annual fraud on Medicare/Medicaid.

Our Nimbus-Key enabled Smart Card will secure your global ID encrypted on a QRcode and digital ID on the card (NFC).

Our Nimbus-Key on your phone. You can authenticate with either a card or your mobile phone.  One identity and so many things that it can do.