Vsee Messenger Free Trial.  

Telehealth Consults are a Breeze.

We would like to introduce you to Vsee Technology for Telehealth that is used by many healthcare providers in many very large institutions.  Please follow the instructions to download a trial version and try it out.  This version is limited to testing only.   You should upgrade to paid versions as we assist with HIPAA compliance and BAA agreements to maintain compliance.

Instructions for Downloading & Installing.

Step 1.
Click on “Run” to run the installer.

Step 2.
VSee will launch automatically when installation is complete. Click “Run” if prompted.

Step 3.
When VSee launches, log in and start connecting with your friends.  

Step 4.

Log in and start connecting with your friends.

Vsee is the Easiest Telehealth Software to Use.

Vsee has a very novel way on linking to your contacts.  Search and invite directly from your Vsee address book.  It is the easiest Telehealth product to use.  Honest!