Want to know the weakest link in the Cybersecurity chain? Firewalls? Encryption? No, people?! How do corporations deal with this increasing risk, especially with most of our nations workforce logging in remotely? Well, educate them, test them with fake Phishing or Spear Phishing attacks, so they can spot the next real one. How effective is this? Not very, people can’t be relied on.

What is the risk posed by Phishing attacks? Key stroke loggers? Compromised credentials, our user names and passwords. Over 6.5 Billion of these have already been compromised, the criminals already have your most secret credentials and compromising the most secretive information of people, companies and governments.

So, if Phishing attacks the way that criminals get access to our most valuable secrets, what do they do with it? They sell the information on the dark web for bitcoin ($$). They insert malware that sits silent for months, then it is released to encrypt the entire network of computer hard drives. This, immobilizing corporations, hospitals, cities, and secure infrastructures! They then demand ransom in Bitcoin ($$) in order to receive the decryption key!

Protection is now an ever increasing need and if the weakest link in the chain is people, we are at a significant disadvantage in this war!

The Nimbus-Key ID system uses a new way to login that bypasses normal usernames and passwords. Our Secure Digital Identity is dynamically encrypted ID onto a QR code and PIN code is touch-less and password-less.Our system makes Phishing attacks neutralized because of this new methodology. Our Nimbus-Key System invalidates key stroke logger attempts. We essentially replace that weakest link with the strongest link in the chain.

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Jose Bolaños MD / CEO