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Nimbus-T has a new patented technology, our Nimbus-Key System, which creates a global identifier then double encrypts and outputs it as a QR code.  This is not a normal QR code,  your identity information can’t be seen with normal QR code readers.  Protection starts here.  Furthermore, we place an identity band around it to not confuse it with normal QR codes. This Nimbus-Key manages your other healthcare identities securely. Our technology can provide better authentication and fraud reduction.  It can help prevent duplicate medical records, ensure proper patient record matching, ensure proper authentication for telehealth visits, prescriptions, medications, and lab tests.  Read more…

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Our Nimbus-Key System’s patent has been approved for publication by the USPTO. The Nimbus-Key System creates a global identifier then encrypted and output as a QR code.  This new identity key manages your other identities securely and allows you to manage your healthcare data securely. Your Nimbus-Key allows you to access information by scanning the QR code or taping your phone or ID card using NFC in a touch-free manner. Read more…

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Secure ID CardSecure Digital ID Card Your wait is over at the registration desk. No more paperwork to fill out.

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Telehealth Solutions by Vsee

Nimbus-T has partnered with Vsee to deliver an authentication layer prior to a visit in order to reduce fraud. VSee Clinic provides a simple online experience for patients to check-in for a visit, self-schedule appointments, pay online, submit medical history and labs, track past visits, and auto-upload health device data. Everything a doctor needs for seeing a patient all in one place – appointment information, patient profile, demographic and health data, ePrescription, and notes. With built-in patient queueing, the option to chat or video call, and multi-user access, VSee Clinic easily facilitates triage workflows. Telehealth is an important technology that allows for enhanced access for patients who are either unable to walk, live too far away, or need a quick consult with a doctor.   Read more ….

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Biometrics by Identazone

Nimbus-T has partnered with Identazone to deliver interoperability in identity solutions. IdentaZone’s patented, robust middleware which offers complete interoperability as it readily integrates into any security and identity management systems, using any biometric factor, algorithm or reader that exists today, or is developed in the future. Security can evolve without the worry of forced obsolescence or costly customization.  Nimbus-Key and Identazone are developing a single interoperable identity protocol and integration so that we can offer a complete spectrum of secure identity management. Read more…
The advent of the largest identity breach, the Equifax intrusion, where 143 million identities were stolen, proved that no one can secure data on normal systems.  The blockchain technology with its distributed ledger is now a major topic of discussion and it is hack proof. IBM has this to say about identity and the blockchain.  
Digital identity is critical to many business and social transactions. It enables ways to interact with billions of users in the digital world. However, traditional identity systems are costly, disjointed, fallible, and hindering innovation and greater customer experience. The distributed trust model is a new way of managing identities. Blockchain technology empowers consumers to control their own identity and share between trusted entities with their consent. Also, no single institution can compromise a consumer’s identity. Benefits of identity management on the Blockchain For consumers
  • Convenience and simplified experience for accessing various services
  • Improved privacy protection
  • Greater control over personal data
For businesses
  • Reduced risk and cost of data breach
  • Efficient compliance management and monitoring
  • Rapid on-boarding and improved customer experience
For regulators
  • Standardized process
  • Prompt auditing
  • Increased efficiency in compliance control, monitoring and quality