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Our Nimbus-Key ID System is patented and provides a new level of security for authentication onto your enterprise. Now, so many employees are working from home and logging in with their username and password, a severe risk is posed to the enterprise. There are over 6.5 Billion identities on the dark web. Nimbus-Key ID is an encrypted QR ID that changes every time you login into our app.


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Weakest link in the Cybersecurity Chain

Want to know the weakest link in the Cybersecurity chain? Firewalls? Encryption? No, people?! How do corporations deal with this increasing risk, especially with most of our nations workforce logging in remotely? Well, educate them, test them with fake Phishing or Spear Phishing attacks, so they can spot the next real one. How effective is this? Not very, people can’t be relied on.

What is the risk posed by Phishing attacks? Key stroke loggers? Compromised credentials, our user names and passwords. Over 6.5 Billion of these have already been compromised, the criminals already have your most secret credentials and compromising the most secretive information of people, companies and governments.

Nimbus-Key System.

• Patented and Trademarked.

• Touch-less. Password-less.

• Dynamically Encrypted MFA

• Quantum Safe Authentication

• Single Global ID. Connect your medical information.

• A Suite of services all in one place.

• Your Nimbus-Key is secured on the blockchain.

Secure Logins with touch-less authentication.

It is imperative that with the advancing risks regarding cybercrime, identity theft, and fraud, a new approach at protecting patient information must be created from the ground up.

Right now, there is no way to connect all of your medical information. What is needed is a single “global ID” that is secure for each person, then you link the other IDs to this one global ID. That is the Nimbus-Key system which will allow for secure issuance of a global ID or Nimbus-Key that links to other healthcare IDs. You will be able to access and aggregate disparate medical data and give permission to your doctor to view it by simply having the doctor scan your Nimbus-Key with their app.

In fact, our app will do much more than securing your ID and information, we will be rolling out features such as telehealth, wellness, secure messaging, care teams, my info, my medical info, my in-network hospitals and clinics, digital health, and blockchain.

It is imperative that with the advancing risks regarding cybercrime, identity theft, and fraud, a new approach at protecting patient information must be created from the ground up.

Successful Authentication

Successful Authentication

Secure Logins / Remote Workers

Your employees will have a new way to access the enterprise and prevent ransomware and fraud.

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Blockchain Backbone

The blockchain is a distributed ledger across many thousands of computers making it very improbable of a attack. Blockchain with smart contracts as in the Ethereum network has many significant opportunities in healthcare. We have been studying and developing the expertise to deliver enterprise solutions for secure prescriptions to reduce opioid over prescribing, monitoring of transactions and data. Cryptocurrencies in healthcare have the opportunity to reduce costs up to 40% by dis-intermediating insurance carriers and third party administrators.

Blockchain Solutions

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