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Nimbus-T has a new patented technology, our Nimbus-Key System, which creates a global identifier then double encrypts and outputs it as a QR code. This is not a normal QR code, your identity information can’t be seen with normal QR code readers. Protection starts here. Furthermore, we place an identity band around it to not confuse it with normal QR codes. This Nimbus-Key manages your other healthcare identities securely. Our technology can provide better authentication and fraud reduction. It can help prevent duplicate medical records, ensure proper patient record matching, ensure proper authentication for telehealth visits, prescriptions, medications, and lab tests. Read more…

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Our Nimbus-Key System is now patented (2018). The Nimbus-Key System creates a global identifier then encrypted and output as a QR code. This new identity key manages your other identities securely and allows you to manage your healthcare data securely. Our Nimbus-Key app is evolving to give you access to your medical information, telehealth, messaging and security.

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VSee Messenger Pro is the preferred telehealth solution by thousands of provider, clinics and hospitals. It is the easiest way to start using an enhanced healthcare delivery system for your practice. Start with VSee Messenger for FREE! Upgrade to VSee Messenger Pro for only $49 per month/provider (patients are free).

VSee Clinic provides a simple online experience for patients to check-in for a visit, self-schedule appointments, pay online, submit medical history and labs, track past visits, and auto-upload health device data.

Telehealth is an important technology that allows for enhanced access for patients who are either unable to walk, live too far away, or need a quick consult with a doctor. Read more ….

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