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We are proud to announce a new secure way to login to WordPress with our Nimbus-Key ID system.

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• Empowering WordPress Security:

Nimbus-Key ID introduces a seamless authentication solution for WordPress websites, enhancing user verification with dynamic QR code and PIN-based login keys.

• Streamlining WordPress Access:

With Nimbus-Key ID, WordPress administrators can ensure secure access to their websites, protecting content and user data with advanced authentication methods.

• Revolutionizing WordPress Security:

Trust Nimbus-Key ID to fortify your WordPress website against cyber threats, offering advanced authentication features and compliance with industry security standards.

Nimbus-Key ID the future of
secure WordPress logins.

WordPress Community is the most advance website word!

Easy Configuration Steps!


Register on our mobile App. Open App with Facial Recognition and Master PIN (6)


Download and Install Nimbus-Key ID Plugin.
Link: Scan QRcode with Nimbus-Key Mobile App


Our system has connected your ID with your website ID.


Now login to your
website with secure
Nimbus-Key ID!

Password-less Authentication

Patented Technology

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