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Nimbus-Key ID Q&A

What is Nimbus-Key ID, and how does it work?

Nimbus-Key ID is our advanced SAAS cybersecurity solution. It combines KYC (Know Your Customer), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and biometric technology to provide secure user registration and authentication. It creates a dynamically encrypted ID in a QR code and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for multi-factor authentication (MFA).

How do I register for Nimbus-Key ID?

To register for Nimbus-Key ID, download our mobile app and follow the registration process. You’ll be guided through setting up your unique encrypted ID and PIN.

Why is multi-factor authentication (MFA) important?

MFA, like our DE-MFA, adds an extra layer of security by requiring multiple forms of verification. It makes it significantly more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access to your accounts.

How is Nimbus-Key ID integrated with my company's systems?

Nimbus-Key ID uses SAML2 and OIDC for secure key exchange, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with your company’s backend systems. This integration safeguards the entry points to your enterprise systems.

Is Nimbus-Key ID compliant with government regulations?

Yes, Nimbus-Key ID is designed to meet government regulations, including those related to digital identity. It aligns with security standards and compliance requirements.

Can I use Nimbus-Key ID for personal accounts, or is it only for enterprise use?

While Nimbus-Key ID is designed for enterprise-level security, it can also be used for personal accounts, providing individuals with a highly secure way to access various online services.

How is my personal information protected within the Nimbus-Key ID system?

We prioritize the security and privacy of your personal information. Nimbus-Key ID employs advanced encryption and access controls to safeguard your data.

Is the Nimbus-Key ID app available for all mobile devices?

The Nimbus-Key ID app is available for a wide range of mobile devices, including iOS and Android. You can download it from the respective app stores.

What happens if I forget my PIN?

If you forget your PIN, you can go through a secure PIN recovery process provided by the app to regain access to your Nimbus-Key ID.

Can I change my PIN?

Yes, you can change your PIN through the app’s settings to maintain the highest level of security.

What if I lose my smartphone or it's stolen?

If your smartphone is lost or stolen, your Nimbus-Key ID is still secure because your PIN and encrypted ID are protected by strong encryption. You should contact our support team to temporarily deactivate your account until you recover your phone or set up Nimbus-Key ID on a new device.

How do I use Nimbus-Key ID for system entry?

Simply scan the Nimbus-Key ID QR code displayed on the system entry point with your app. Enter your PIN when prompted for multi-factor authentication.

Can I use Nimbus-Key ID for multiple accounts and services?

Yes, you can use Nimbus-Key ID for multiple accounts and services that are integrated with our system, streamlining access across various platforms.

Is my biometric data stored on your servers?

No, your biometric data is not stored on our servers. It remains on your device and is used for local verification.

How is my Nimbus-Key ID QR code updated for security?

Your Nimbus-Key ID QR code is dynamically encrypted, providing a new code for each interaction, enhancing security.

Can I share my Nimbus-Key ID with others?

Your Nimbus-Key ID is unique to you and should not be shared. Sharing it would compromise your security.

What happens if my company revokes my Nimbus-Key ID access?

If your company revokes your access, you’ll no longer be able to use Nimbus-Key ID for that specific system. Your Nimbus-Key ID remains secure for any other authorized access points.

Is Nimbus-Key ID usable for both remote and on-site access?

Yes, Nimbus-Key ID is a versatile solution that can be used for remote and on-site access, offering the same high level of security.

Can I use Nimbus-Key ID while traveling internationally?

Yes, Nimbus-Key ID is designed to work globally, making it a convenient choice for international travel and access.

What should I do if I have issues with my Nimbus-Key ID app?

If you encounter any issues, please contact our customer support team through our website at for assistance.

How often should I update my Nimbus-Key ID app?

It’s advisable to update your app regularly to benefit from the latest security enhancements and features.

Can Nimbus-Key ID be used for secure payments or transactions?

While Nimbus-Key ID focuses on identity verification, it can also be integrated into payment and transaction systems to enhance security.

What kind of data is stored in the Nimbus-Key ID QR code?

The QR code contains your dynamically encrypted ID, which is unique to you and changes for each interaction. No personal data is stored within the QR code.

Can I use Nimbus-Key ID with other authentication methods?

Yes, Nimbus-Key ID can be used in conjunction with other authentication methods for added security, providing a comprehensive approach to user verification.

How can I stay updated on the latest Nimbus-Key ID features and security measures?

To stay informed about Nimbus-Key ID updates, features, and security enhancements, visit our website at and subscribe to our newsletters or follow our official social media channels for regular updates and news.

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