Nimbus-Key ID System

Protecting Enterprise Logins. A New Solution

Our Nimbus-Key ID System is patented and provides a new level of security for authentication onto your enterprise. Now, so many employees are working from home and logging in with their username and password, a severe risk is posed to the enterprise.

Cyberattacks occur because of passwords, 80% of the time. Nimbus-Key ID is an encrypted QRcode, an ID that changes every time you login into our app, dynamically encrypted MFA! Protecting the enterprise with a more secure login system, no passwords!

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What is the Weakest link in the Cybersecurity Chain

Want to know the weakest link in the Cybersecurity chain? Firewalls? Encryption? No, people! How do corporations deal with this increasing risk, especially with most of our nation’s workforce logging in remotely? Well, educate them, test them with fake Phishing or Spear Phishing attacks, so they can spot the next real one? How effective is this? Not very effective, people can’t be relied on.

What is the risk posed by Phishing attacks? Key stroke loggers? Compromised credentials, usernames and passwords. 24 Billion passwords are already on the dark web. The criminals already have your most secret credentials and compromising the most secretive information of people, companies and governments.

Dynamic Encryption Multifactor Authentication

The Nimbus-Key ID System advances cybersecurity at the login process.  Our patented system protects logins with true user verification and issuance of dynamic keys. Our solution uses
DE-MFA (Dynamic Encrypted Multi-Factor Authentication) with Nimbus-Key ID.
Our DE-MFA logistics, a dynamically encrypted ID encapsulated within a QR code, offering a secure and password-less login experience.

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