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Welcome to our Nimbus-Key system, it will transform the way you interact with the world, thanks to our Global ID technology. Efficient and secure to protect your identity.

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With your Global Nimbus-Key you can link to other systems that you currently have access to, with a new more secure authentication technology.

For example only

Encrypted Dynamic QR &
Dynamic PIN

Our patented Nimbus-Key technology does away with usernames and passwords. Instead your IT department issues a new Nimbus-Key ID to each employee for a more secure login through a custom Kiosk interface.

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A new vision is our Smart Directory. Once you register to get your Nimbus-Key ID, you will get a free listing on our directory. This new service creates enterprise directories and healthcare directories for improved marketing of your services. Users or companies can upgrade to Pro accounts for enhanced functionality.

Single Messaging System – Free

A new feature on our app is the secure messaging service. The free version of our App allows for one-to-one messaging.

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Patented Technology

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