Secure Identity Management

Your Identity in a Digital World.

In the past, when you went to the doctor or hospital, you might check in and the receptionist might not get your name correct as she types it into the computer.  She then creates a new record for you, this would be considered a duplicate record and now you have information in two records. This creates a problem in that data integrity is now corrupted, because you really only want one record to update.  This occurs at a 10-12% rate across the United States.

Now in the old days, when we had paper records sometimes a record might get misplaced into the wrong chart or record and it was easy to refile correctly.  In this digital world, once you enter data into a medical record it is there to stay because it is very difficult to change.  Another problem that is happening at an alarming rate is that some people will use a friend’s insurance card to access healthcare or a fraudulent identity would be used to get healthcare.  This activity creates a problem in that now you have the wrong information in your medical record.  Studies show that it could take 18 months and a cost of $15,000 to get this corrected.  How would you like to get a hospital bill that is not yours?  I would be very upset if not alarmed.  What new false diagnosis is in my medical record?

Now that the Federal Government has mandated EMRs or electonic medical records that are present in over 90% of hospitals and a new problem called “improper patient record matching” is rearing its ugly head.  What is this?  Well, you see, every time you attend a hospital, clinic, lab, xray department you get an internal ID.  If you have records in many locations, then you have many medical IDs and how can hospital systems reconcile or correctly match record IDs insuring that that new information is really yours?  Currently there are “matching algorythms” that use name, address, birthdate, etc to determine your accurate identity and match your records.  Well, that is not good enough, there are errors as high as 15% in these cases, again putting incorrect information into your record!

There has been an outcry from CTOs and CIOs of hospital systems for the issuance of a single global identity to match  other IDs to such a unique global ID.  The Federal Government has made it illegal to use a Social Security Number and so the issuance of a single global ID would be a step in the right direction.  Although the Feds have refused to issue a unique medical ID these types of errors will continue.  Thousands of people die every year because of errors in information and errors in medications as well.

Our Nimbus-Key System has recently been approved for issuance of our patent for an Encrypted Unique Global ID that then links your other IDs into a “connected medical record” that only you control who can view your medical information.  We are also developing a blockchain technology to support and accurately log healthcare transactions.  This is a step in improving healthcare information accuracy, defeating fraud and saving lives. See Blockchain Movie.

The Key To Your Healthcare World.

Nimbus-Key System is a cloud based technology (patent pending) which addresses the problem of interoperability with numerous data silos and IDs for healthcare. We issue a global ID, One ID, an encrypted Nimbus-Key that is delivered as a QRcode or digital id for mobile phones and identity cards. This one id then manages and secures all of your other healthcare ids, we can now link your identities and information securely creating a connected medical record.

The blockchain development is with our sister Swiss company, Nimbus-T Global GmbH, which is developing our blockchain, distributed ledger technology to create powerful use cases the use our identity managment solution. This is well over a $40 billion market.

The USA alone has a huge fraud problem with prescriptions and fake insurance claims. Medicare-Medicaid loses $120 Billion annually according to Eric Holder, past attorney general. We want to secure your identity and make sure transactions are also authenticated and secured.

If you can see the id number on a card then it is not secure.  $120 Billion in annual fraud on Medicare/Medicaid.

Our Nimbus-Key enabled Smart Card will secure your global ID encrypted on a QRcode and digital ID on the card (NFC).

Our Nimbus-Key on your phone. You can authenticate with either a card or your mobile phone.  One identity and so many things that it can do.

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