Smart Directories™
and Professional

Profiles and Smart Directories

Every healthcare organization would benefit from having their provider network as a Smart Directory by Nimbus-T. The features include:

  • Our app is free to everyone
  • You get a basic profile for users
  • Corporations may contract for Pro Profiles
    • improved provider visibility
    • improved access to your providers
    • easy connect and schedule telehealth
    • in-network verification for patients
    • price transparency / service quotes

Smart Directory Features

Multiple customer service locations.

With this functionality your patients will be able to schedule their appointments in a more agile way by knowing your location. reducing waiting time and optimizing patient service.

Your patients will use the GPS maps.

With a single click, your patients will be able to reach the addresses through their GPS and maps.

Validation of the Insurance
Plan Accepted.

This feature will help your patients verify insurance information directly at your doctor’s office.

Directly Schedule a Telehealth visit.

You can offer your telehealth service directly from your profile, your patients will be able to schedule medical appointments in a single click and through telehealth without leaving their homes.

Nimbus Messaging.

With the nimbus private messaging system you will be able to communicate with your patients and groups, easily, quickly and safely.

Create your community & Groups.

Manage your community in the palm of your hand create different interest groups to share professional information without fake news, you have control of your groups.
Password-less Authentication
Patented Technology