Smart Directories™
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Profiles and Smart Directories
Every healthcare organization would benefit from having their provider network as a Smart Directory by Nimbus-T.

Smart Directory Network

Our app allows you to create a free account and get your Nimbus-Key Digital ID and to be part of our smart directory. Healthcare providers will gain more patients by being part of our Smart Directory Network.

Control your Personal Information

Our system allows you to safely store and control your personal information, and puts you in control. Your Nimbus-Key ID secures your logins, without passwords for greater security.

Smart search and filtering

Our system will give you the necessary visibility for users to find you in our directory with filters, smart searches and georeferencing.

Pro Profiles 

Improve your visibility and professionalism. This is the “Linkedln” of healthcare to improve communication and business success.

Handling personal information at a professional level of detail.

With a Pro profile you can show more information so that your colleagues and/or patients can learn about your level of expertise and services.

Manage your locations

Create and customize more locations to offer your services in different places. We have a very strong logistics in providing accurate locations for large corporations with numerous locations.

Offers solutions with Telehealth

We give you the possibility of offering your telehealth services with a powerful tool that integrates with our Smart Directory. Now your patients have a simple way of getting access to your telehealth services.

Pro messaging service

Our intelligent messaging system, powered by Twillio, delivers secure encrypted messaging and alerts. Our chat messaging system delivers a great user experience for corporate and healthcare customers including:
• One to One.
• Group Messaging
• Care Team Messaging

Our aim is to provide efficient and professional peer to peer communication.

Password-less Authentication

Patented Technology

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