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Advancing Cybersecurity with Nimbus-Key ID.

Easily connect your Nimbus-Key ID (Patented) to your CRM system. User registration on our system provides true user verification with KYC / AI / Biometric.

Nimbus-Key ID Securing
User Verification and Login.

The Nimbus-Key ID System advances cybersecurity at the login process.  Our patented system protects logins with true user verification and issuance of dynamic keys.

The escalating threat of credential theft and unauthorized access has underscored the critical role of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a foundational element in cybersecurity. However, not all MFA solutions are created equal, leading to the emergence of innovative solutions like DE-MFA (Dynamic Encrypted MFA) with Nimbus-Key ID. Our DE-MFA logistics, a dynamically encrypted ID encapsulated within a QR code, offering a secure and password-less login experience.

Authentication First

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Key Benefits of Nimbus-Key ID

• Dynamic Encryption: The Nimbus-Key ID  employs dynamic encryption, generating and changing the identifier dynamically with each login session. This reduces the risk of attacks based on intercepting static data.

• Password-Free Login Experience: By removing the reliance on passwords, Nimbus-Key ID simplifies and secures the login process. Users no longer need to remember passwords, reducing vulnerability to weak or compromised passwords.

• Secure QR Code: The Nimbus-Key ID in a QRcode adds an extra layer of security at enterprise entry.

• Elimination of Vulnerabilities Associated with Stolen Credentials: Nimbus-Key ID effectively addresses threats related to credential theft by eliminating the need for static passwords. Even if an attacker obtains the Nimbus-Key ID, its dynamic encryption makes it quantum safe.


Secure Identity Management
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