Nimbus-Key System

Solutions for Information Technologies.

Nimbus-Key ID System

Secure Logins with Touch-less Authentication

It is imperative that with the advancing risks regarding cybercrime, identity theft, and fraud, a new approach at protecting patient information must be created from the ground up.

Successful Authentication

Successful Authentication

Employee Access Control

Your employees will have a new way to access the enterprise and prevent ransomware and fraud.

Smart Directories & Profiles

Smart Directories

With our smart directory, your clients and patients will be able to find your professional information quickly and easily and interact with incredible tools and benefits that only Nimbus-T Smart Directory can offer.


Doctors increase your access to patients.

Telehealth Messenger is the easiest and most efficient way to develop a Telehealth program. It is easier to use for you and your patient. It is available for download, free to start. You should download onto your smart phone, iPad, laptop and desktop.

Password-less Authentication

Patented Technology

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